TeraStream BASS

2015-06-26 02:30

Real-time Internet of Things (IoT) convergence over Big Data Platform

One of the world’s fastest (Bandwidth: 10~15Gbps) distributed in-memory based data ingestion, storage, retrieval, processing and analytics platform.

TeraStream BASS™ is capable of collecting massive volumes of data from various sources such as existing RDBs, server logs, security devices, Internet appliances, sensor data, operations analysis, and more at high speeds by BASS API. Also, it can store various types of data that is generated from a wide variety of sources powered by distributed in-memory storage system in real-time.
TeraStream BASS™ is a very powerful data processing and big data analytics platform that meets the stringent requirements of real-time processing, distributed processing, and batch processing concurrently on Hadoop HDFS. Its hybrid analysis has extensive and dynamic abilities including high performance batch processing.