1.Building a master data system of Human Resource Information for Korean National Assembly

Customer Requirements

  1. From HR management system
    • New/changed user information
    • used Middle table, View, and Trigger
  2. Correctly extracted employee change information
    • extracted current employee information,
    • separated the data groups and data properties,
    • mapped by user group.
  3. Deployed to each application system on time.
    • deployed according to proven rules, facilitated the tracking by logging.

Major implementations

Extracted the current employee information by daily batch job, With standardized and unified interface type, provided data to the correct system through system mapping according to user groups, Secured the data traceability by managing extraction and deploy history, Unified data extraction, deploy, and inspection, Made immediate error handling possible by monitoring success/failure and system error checking.

Defining a data system to deliver the enterprise-wide HR master data on time to each application system (Legacy), which uses the user information. Implementing a dispersal type MDM system.