1.Building a real-time data processing system for Samsung Electronics.

Customer Requirements

  • A user should be able to use the same service by registering for only one system in Germany or China.
  • Duplicate data processing must be prevented from two-way data replication between Germany and China.
  • Change data must be synchronized in 5 minutes.



  • Real-time data extraction and transfer between basic system in Germany and that of in China :

– Change data was extracted from Redo log of DB in Germany and transferred to DB in China through the TCP/IP communication channel, and vice versa.

  • TCP/IP Adapter :

– is to pass the received data from DeltaStream™ to loading process.

  • Real-time loading : (EUC, KPI,RISK Management, IFRS, Basel ll)

– is to load the saved data in internal storage(File Queue) to a service DB.



  • Services available with real-time two-way synchronization regardless of location and system. (Currently, it takes 5 seconds from extraction to loading.)
  • Enhanced efficiency in handling data redundancy from two-way loading
  • Improved data transfer reliability with TCP/IP Adapter

2.Building a real-time legacy system for Korean National Assembly

 Customer Requirements

  • High volume HR change data should be connected with the business system and correctly updated in real-time.
  • The changed HR information needs to be encrypted and classified as business legacy.
  • The accuracy of processing HR change data should be guaranteed.



  • Change data extraction in real-time :

– Change data was extracted from redo log of HR Master DB and transferred to each loading system.

  • Loading to target legacy system :

– HR change data was encrypted, the user classified data was selected and loaded to each target legacy system.

  • User classification :

– Users and data are classified per business legacy system

  • Encrypting HR information

– For the data security, data was encrypted by using legacy encryption key and loaded.



  • Real-time processing with the legacy system by extracting change data
  • Enhanced data security with loading data decryption
  • Various business data processing by loading data per system


3. Building a constant data quality monitoring system for Korean Intellectual Property Office

Customer Requirements

  • Data verification and maintenance system through real-time data quality verification are needed due to increased error rates from the increased system complexity and a wide variety of data types.
  • The stability of operating system should be guaranteed during the data extraction in real-time.



  • Integration with a data quality solution :

– The list and scheduling information for change data target tables were provided through a data quality solution.
– With the provided list, data from the operating system was transferred to a quality verification server.
– The change information of target table was pre-checked in conjunction with data quality server.



  • Improved performance of the change data extraction
  • Building a constant data quality monitoring system by change data extraction right after the initial loading of the target data.