TeraTDS™ is a solution of generating, transforming and managing test data that converts properties of original data to other readable properties while maintaining relation between tables of major information on operating data, when building development or test environment.

The Personal Information Protection Act, which was enacted to prevent leakage and abuse of personal information, was implemented on March 30, 2012 after a guidance period of 6 months. While rigorous criteria and principles are applied to entire courses of collecting, using and managing personal information under the Act, relief of people’s right for infringing personal information is expected to be reinforced. Especially, financial companies, which keep huge volume of information on customers, especially need to cope with the situation on company level. Most development test systems can easily be approached by outsourcing IT developers. Data in actual operating systems are usually used for development and test, and important information on customers should be protected in such case.

TeraTDS™ of DataStreams is a test data management solution that safely converts information on customers in operating systems to test systems.

TeraTDS™ enables developers to copy data in operating system and configure it in development system for the purpose of development and test, and it facilitates development and test by encoding data in readable form when configuring the copy while keeping features of the original data. And it can prevent leakage of data by insiders.


TeraTDS™ eliminates necessity of separate HW(server for conversion) and it does not basically generate routes for leaking information on customers when transforming data for development. And large volume data can be processed in high speed as they are extracted, transformed and loaded simultaneously.

Linkage with ETL products
• It consistently provides functions of data extraction, processing and loading by linking with ETL products, the first of its kind in Korea.
Support heterogeneous DBMSs
• It supports most commercial DBMSs, including ORACLE, DB2, SYBASE ASIQ, ASE, Informix, MS-SQL, Altibase, Tibero and Teradata.
Convenience in operation
• Developers can conveniently operate programs by simply clicking mouse using GUI functions.
High speed extraction and processing performance
• It ensures optimal data processing performance by using high speed data extraction and large volume sorting module.
Differentiated technology support
• It supports products optimized for environment in Korea through its R&D center.
Received GS certificate and patent
• With GS certificate, it ensures stability of product.
• Technology of encoding/decoding readable data received patent.

It enhances convenience in development and test by supporting encoding of data in readable form while maintaining features of original data when generating copy of data in operating system.

  1. RSC(readable symmetric crypto) in readable form
  2. Maintain features of original data (Data can be transformed while keeping RI relation between tables)
  3. Ensure uniqueness of data
  4. Extract and transform data in speed 5~10 times faster than general SQL, using FACT™ module.
  5. Support diverse and easy user transform pattern
  6. Provide convenient GUI interface