TeraStream™ is a solution that integrates functions of ETL, batch, real-time data processing connection and data conversion for processing source data in high speed linking with DB in diversified server environments.

It ensures file processing performance differentiated from existing data integration solutions, and it enables customers to develop data integration processes more conveniently and rapidly while systematically managing, efficiently using resources in systems, by processing large volume data in high speed.

System Architecture
  1. TeraStream Designer, GUI
    1. development environment
    • It supports major Unix platforms (IBM, SUN and HP) and Linux.
    • Based on Unix, it provides reliable and flexible ETL environment as it is used with such components as SORT Engine/FACT™.
  2. TeraStreamServer
    • As it provides integrated GUI development environment, it helps to easily and efficiently build desired ETL process.
  3. FACT(FAst extraCT) high speed extract engine
    • In order to make use of strength of powerful processing engine, it is essential to install high performance extract engine.
    • TeraStream™ has FACT™, a high speed and high performance extract tool, as a basic engine for extracting data.
  4. SORT Engineadoption of world-class SORT Engine
    • Capability of aligning large volume data in high speed affects data processing speed.
    • TeraStream™ delivers world top processing capability by adopting SORT Engine, the world-class data alignment tool. This outstanding performance of TeraStream™ will provide practical benefits along with convenience to customers.

As a unique product developed in Korea, TeraStream™ ensures file processing performance differentiated from existing data integration solutions and processes large volume data in high speed.

Extraction of data in high speed
  • It extracts data in high speed from commercial database that used SQLCLI, and delivers performance 20~30 times faster than general queries.
Conversion of data
  • It converts data through mapping definition between sources and target data, and it can use various conversion functions when defining mapping.
Data loading
  • It supports loading of data in the way of file to DB or DB to DB.
Metadata Management
  • It analyzes relation between FFD, blocks and projects, and changes data models. It also can identify effect of changing FFD of SAM files.
Monitoring in design time
  • It monitors blocks and files in real time, while providing history project execution log and conversion to Excel.

With superior performance compared to other data integration solutions, it delivers rapid processing of large volume data, efficient use of system resources and convenience in work.

  1. It provides benefits of reducing costs by being applied to overall areas, including data processing and data integration
  2. It shortens time of carrying out business by processing data in high speed.
  3. It reduces working hours and efficiently uses system resources through distributed processing of resources in multiple servers.
  4. It reduces burden of system by improving performance.
  5. It shortens development time and carries out business easily and efficiently by providing integrated GUI development environment.
  6. It secures data continuity by linking with Near Real Time (NRT).
TeraStream Designer education program
Education program As a course for data warehouse project leaders and developers of data migration, ETL and batch works, those who want to learn how to use TeraStream™ Designer are eligible for the program.
Education time/venue
  • Date: September 24 (Tuesday), 2014, v3.2 education
  • Time: 10:00(AM) ~ 17:00 (PM)
  • Venue: DataStreams R&D Center (Pangyo)
  • Deadline for receiving application: September 19 (Friday), 2014, v3.2 education
Education content Trainees will understand concept of TeraStream™, and practically train how to extract, convert and load data. They will train how to load data to target DBMS after going through processes of extracting and converting data of source DBMS. They will practice functions of converting in various ways, such as alignment, join and grouping, in the course of conversion, and these functions can be implemented by means of point-and-click without programs.
Preparation Notebook PC. Oracle Client 32bit is required to be installed (for those who are able to install)※ Education materials will be provided on the education day in PDF file.
  • Fixed number of trainees is 10. (In case the number of enrollees is less than 3, the education program will be cancelled.)
  • Lunch will not be served.
  • Parking is free for 2 hours. Customers who concluded contract for TeraStream™ service/maintenance can take part in the education program for free, and they may submit applications through relevant sales managers. Those who have no sales managers are advised to contact Kim Eun-gyeong at QA Team (070-4628-9071 /Extension: 648).
Inquiry Those who have no sales managers are advised to contact Kim Eun-gyeong at QA Team (070-4628-9071 /Extension: 648).
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