System Architecture

Being a large volume data integration solution combined with Hadoop, TeraStream™ is a big data processing solution consisted of data distributed processing and processing platform.

  1. Use big data processing technology combining the latest technology of Hadoop file system and Hadoop
  2. Easily use difficult Hadoop system through existing TeraStream™
  3. Easy development and management
  4. Support easy and fast big data processing by combining strengths of existing ETL and new Hadoop system
  1. Use advantages of ETL, such as high sped extract engine, without any change
    • Extract distributed data from DBMS through FACT™ for Hadoop
    • Provide function of linking with HIVE
    • Provide various ways of extraction
  2. Use various functions of existing TeraStream™ without any change
      • Build map/reduce program through GUI
      • Support local fileHDFS module
      • Support to join local files with HDFS

    Provide various embedded functions

  3. Function of analyzing big data linking with analysis tools
  4. Possible to change to integrated monitoring from distributed monitoring of multiple nodes

It processes big data more conveniently and easily by combining advantages of existing ETL and Hadoop.

  • Man-hour of developers can be reduced by controlling Hadoop through ETL interface.