TeraStream BASS™

TeraStream BASS is a memory-based platform that provides solution of analyzing and monitoring big data in real time by collecting various forms of data in high speed, targeting IoT.
It delivers very strong hybrid analysis function that can satisfy requirements of real-time processing and batch processing simultaneously by storing data in memory distributed storage devices after easily and rapidly collecting various data from BASS APIs, such as diverse server logs, security equipments, Internet devices and operation analysis, while indexing data at the same time, and then by storing old data in HDFS of Hadoop in distributed way.

System Architecture
  • It collects in high speed various forms of data, such as those in power equipments, VOIP FDS, security devices, server log management and monitoring. Particularly, data in FDS and operational intelligence are collected by processing data rules in advance.
  • It stores data in slave nodes of memory in distributed way after collecting data in high speed and indexing in real time.
  • It provides fast analysis function by searching and extracting data in real time from TeraStream BASS through BASS DataSource API.
  • Old data or data that exceeded threshold set by users are automatically stored in HDFS in distributed way.
  • History data and batch data are searched through HDFS, and data can be analyzed by simultaneously searching BASS memory and HDFS disk.
  • Data visualization provides faster and more diversified UI environments by using Node.js technology.
  1. Performance
    It delivers the highest performance of collecting and indexing data at rates of up to 10Gbps~15Gbps in line with features of log data in diverse equipments and servers. And it requires relatively low initial installation costs since memory is the hardware factor that affects performance when initially install it.
  2. Easiness in expansion
    Data transmitted through BASS DataSource take the process of being stored in memory cluster of TeraStream BASS and Hadoop HDFS cluster, and they are horizontally expandable and fault-tolerant as they are consisted of clusters with master-slave structure.
  3. Convenience in use
    Data are collected in high speed from diverse equipments and transmitted to TeraStream BASS. It supports two ways of collecting data – collecting data directly from diverse data sources and collecting through agents. And it can effectively process queries needed for work using indexing technique specialized in range-based search.
BASS query
It can be easily used with grammar similar to ANSI SQL query.
BASS Data Source API
It conveniently stores data using Open(), Write(), Close()-line interface, which is similar to writing disk file.
BASS client utility
As a utility developed by using BASS client API, it provides functions of querying system state-information or searching data, and then simply displaying it on screen.
BASS admin utility
As an administration utility for entire systems, it provides functions of querying system state-information, adding/deleting schema, and starting/stopping/adding/deleting slave note.
BASS indexing
It delivers Linked B+ Tree technique for optimal performance of real-time indexing and searching.
Conditional monitoring
Dashboard application