DataStreams Corp. is a data management company specialized in supplying own technology based data integration and data quality management solutions since its establishment in 2001. Especially, we are building up and leading a new market by integrating our company’s technologies and experiences to have developed “TeraONE,” the industry’s first product that synthetically constructs data integration, real-time big data platform, and data governance.

Why Choose TeraONE?
  • A One-Stop Platform that can resolve both business issues and environment construction issues concurrently when processing enterprise-wide big data
  • In addition to data lifecycle management, a data governance ecosystem is constructed to secure high quality analysis results
  • A more reasonable price than foreign solutions to reduce TCO, a wide range of functionalities, improved performance, and convenient technical support
  • Provide a flexible big data environment that meets customer requirements with the support of DataStreams’ professional consultants and R&D center engineers
  1. Provide a distributed memory based real-time data integration architecture 
    A domestic product that implements distributed memory technology for easy and fast data collection/storage, it provides a high-performance/high efficiency big data integrated processing operating architecture with minimal initial implementation cost.
    (Collection data 4~7 times faster than foreign S Company’s solution)
  2. Establish an integrated data governance system
    The reliability of analysis is increased by high quality data, which’s quality is improved through TeraONE’s governance system (support for real-time/batch, standard/non-standard data)
  3. Implement integrated GUI to provide ease of use and operating environment 
    Provide integrated operating and monitoring functions of analytics schedule management, distributed processing program development, and big data analytics infrastructure with the user friendly GUI in order to offer high productivity and operating efficiency
  4. Provide extensibility when the analysis data increases 
    Data is stored in Memory cluster and HDFS to provide high performance and extensible node with excellent scale-out
Major Functions
Data Collection and Processing
High-speed data extraction, transformation, load: use own specific technology to extract data from various types of DB in high speed, which is 20~30 times faster than traditional extraction techniques
Real-time streaming data processing: provide functions to process, query, and monitor real-time streaming data such as IoT data(sensor, log, etc.)
Supports for Hadoop: Supports for Hadoop 2.*or above and YARN distributed file processing platform
Compatible with various data analytics platforms such as Apache, Cloudera, and Hortonworks
Connect with Open Source Technology: Connect with various open sources technologies such as Hive, Hbase, Oozie, Flume, etc.
Data Governance
Data related policy management
Provide functions to construct governance systems including standard information management, standardization, quality management, and data lineage for data management, the assets in big data environment
Data Security
Data Encryption: implement a patent encryption module to use readable encryption algorithm for data encryption
Personal Information Protection: provide de-identification function for personal identification information protection
Data Analysis and Visualization
Apply a variety of analysis techniques including statistical and data mining techniques
Provide a variety of charts to visualize analysis results
System Architecture