MasterStream™ is a system and solution that enables companies to continuously maintain identical data in line with flow of each business process by producing and managing business data, namely master data, with consistency on corporate level. It features functions of simultaneously collecting, producing, verifying and distributing data in centralized or compromised way. It also provides functions of synchronizing data to be used at the same time and then monitoring its results after verifying based on business rules before being referred by each application system, by integrating data produced in legacy systems.

System Architecture
  1. Function of corporate-level master data governance
    It enables companies to flexibly set up and manage data policy operation guideline, procedure and rights. And it delivers functions of formulating corporate-level quality plans, managing changes in organization and rights as well as examining and approving quality issue consensus processes and fulfillment of tasks to be improved.
  2. Function of master data quality management
    It provides accuracy and freshness of data, while enhancing companywide power of execution by monitoring transparent process of delivery system. It also delivers functions of examining and controlling results of implementation of core data compared to target quality for installing solutions and establishing data-based management strategies.
  3. Function of pre- and post verification by setting up and applying business rules
    It manages quality verification processes by linking with ETL solutions, data quality management tools and business rules, while constantly monitoring results of verification. It also delivers functions of supporting pre-verification before distribution by applying verification rules defined in ETL tools to core tables.
  4. Function of linking with business process control by data properties
    It controls lifecycle of data, comprising production, verification and distribution, while delivering functions of inspecting data flow, examining tasks of post measurement of DQI and quality improvement, inspecting data flow process based on right and responsibility, and linking with major business processes.