A Data Governance Platform that unifies functions of data integration, standard, quality and lineage management.

System Architecture
  Efficient Data Management
  • Provide an integrated view to see the type, location, ownership, path, structure, and more.
Total Directional Data Management Process
  • Periodically monitor the consistency between Database Catalog(DBC) extraction information and model-based meta approval information.
  • Visualize statistics of data standardization management, compliance rate of each subject area, quality improvement of each business, status of enterprise-wide data, etc.
  • A unified platform that integrated metadata-based data integration, quality, classification, verification, improvement, lineage, sharing, and utilization
  • Configuration function to construct data management functions that satisfy enterprise needs
  • Integrated user management function to be the standard of data ownership, access control, and utilization system
  • Search function to find the location, repository, format, etc. of all data in the enterprise
  • Workflow function for performing the control function from data lifecycle perspective
  • User-oriented visualization function that supports data analysis and real-time statistics from various perspectives’
  • Check the location and path of data and link necessary information
  • Can see the enterprise-wide data structure and value
  • Traceability Improvement so can connect to various applications in data creation and modification to realize lineage
  • Real-time data quality check to identify and cleanse errors during data movement
  • Provide verified data in an integrated view to gain more business insights