FACT™ is a high speed extraction solution that extracts data in high speed from RDBMS(Oracle, Sybase, TeraData and DB2) and then apply to outside systems, ETL, batch and data conversion. Unlike existing data extraction solution, it provides convenience in development and operation by using general SQL.

System Architecture
  • Extract and process large volume data
  • Easy development and openness
  • Easy management and diverse options
  1. Extract data from commercial DBMS
  2. Extract and provide fixed and variable data
  3. Extract CLOB/BLOB data
  4. Extract and provide data in high speed by processing in parallel
  5. Facilitate append or overwrite function when outputting data
  6. Provide function of converting column of extracted data
  7. Provide function of converting carriage return

Provide convenience in development through diverse grammars of general SQL

  • Facilitate convenient load of extracted SAM-files by automatically generating script files loaded in DBMS
  • Prevent problems in data that may occur when extracting data by changing value of carriage return (CR)\
  • As a product developed in Korea, it can accommodate diverse requirements of consumers