DeltaStream™ is a CDC (change data capture)-based real-time data processing solution that automatically captures information on changed data (transaction log) of DBMS and transmits to target system.

System Architecture
  1. High performance
    • Synchronize data in real time
    • Synchronize data when initially implement them
    • Secure performance by using memory data processing module
  2. Use of DBMS function
    • Extract data using Oracle’s Log Miner
    • Bulk load of data using DBMS loader
    • Support direct data load
  3. Convenience
    • Monitor data using GUI management tool
    • Configure intuitive project of GUI environment
  4. Reliability
    • Start reflecting from latest data when recovering fault
    • Synchronize entire data when fault continues for long time
    • Ensure data transmission and consistency at times of system error or abnormal termination
  5. Efficiency
    • Minimize burden of DBMS by extracting data using Red log/Archive log
    • Optimize operation of system resources by downsizing servers
  6. Human resource
    • Secure skilled manpower with experiences in implementing and loading data on diverse commercial DBMSs
Extract changed data in real time
• CDC engine (changed data extracting engine) extracts changed data in real time from Redo Log through Log Miner
• Extract data efficiently in real time by supporting parallel process of functions of extraction, refinement and transmission
Transform data
• Provide function of transforming data when loading extracted data (support various works)
Load data instantly
• Able to load data in real time by generating event when data are changed
Deal with fault in real time
• Detect and deal with faults in real time
Link with ETL
• Process complicated business data by linking with ETL after storing changed data extracted through CDC engine in SAM file form
  1. Minimize burden of system resource
    Minimize use of DB engine and system resource using transaction log of DB
  2.  Minimize impact on work activities
    Able to extract data without affecting ongoing online work activities
  3.  Extract data in real time
    Able to reproduce data in high speed by extracting data in real time