Super Data Warehouse (SuperDW)

Current Issues of Data Warehousing

The data warehouse is more critical than ever for business innovation, but the technical issues from architectural diversification requires new model of the data warehousing solution, which is comprehensive and optimized.

EDW Issues


The Driving Principles of SuperDW & RAPID Workflow

New model for enterprise data warehousing should meet the architectural improvement directions. Our new data architecture will be pre-configured, built, and optimized for specific patterns of data workloads.  


SuperDW – Solution Design 

Design Philosophy – From data acquisition to business decision, optimize the cost and performance and build best-fit engineered data warehousing solution!

–Leverage high-performance data integration platform and low-cost open source Hadoop & MySQL platform to derive values from data acquired from various data sources

SuperDW Design

SuperDW Workflow

SuperDW involves RAPID Workflow and consists of ETL from various data formats, operational DW & data hub, and analytics framework based on federated metadata management.

Rapid Workflow1

SuperDW – Solution Architecture

DataStreams new Enterprise Data Platform with Data Governance Framework as an architectural solution, named SuperDW, provides augmented & optimized DW solution that enables customers manage all data in super efficient way.

Superdw ARchitecture

Key Values of SuperDW

SuperDW Values1