SNS Analysis

SNS Analysis is a solution that delivers data mining function of finding patterns and meaning hidden in data by collecting, classifying and analyzing text data posted on blogs or Twitter by registering key words of major interest. This enables companies to make direct and accurate communications with customers, and it supports information system to help companies share benefits with customers.

Trend /Concept

It supports more accurate and faster analysis by analyzing unstructured big data based on knowhow in formal analysis accumulated while specializing in SNS data analysis. And it establishes strategies based on accurate analysis of materials by specialists in various areas, beyond simply monitoring systems, and provides service of revising and supplementing systems as well as consulting for parts eligible for systemization.

– Collect diverse big data
– Analyze data mining
– Reflect, evaluate and analyze
– Process large volume data
– Provide consulting by data scientists
– Provide profiling information
– Convergence of formatted analysis and unformatted analysis
– Diversified analysis reports