Internet-based financial transaction is recently established as an essential tool for daily life. But financial fraud targeting Internet banking carelessly used by numerous people is emerging as a social issue. While various types of Internet banking crimes increase, financial companies are insufficient in taking proper measures. FDS is a system designed to detect and prevent a variety of such illegal transactions aimed at defrauding money and other private profits. The system is installed mainly at financial companies in diverse types.

Trend /Concept

Network-based banking is spreading from Internet banking to smart phone banking, and financial companies are increasingly adopting advanced financial services for individual customers. FDS provides essential conditions for accurately detecting illegal transactions when installing systems. Thus, it can extract illegal transactions or unnecessary transactions in the company, and prevent financial loss.

  1. Financial companies need to preemptively install systems to cope with changing financial paradigm.
    • Install flexible systems ideal for rapidly changing financial business and way of providing services
    • Need to cope with smishing, hacking and pharming in financial transactions as mobile payment is spreading
    • Suggest various methods of dealing with illegal transactions
  2. Quality of financial transaction data will be guaranteed.
    • Accurate data are most important for detect signs and activities of abnormal financial transaction.
    • Necessity of converging with products (unique products of this company) for quality of data
Expected effect
  • Preemptively cope with direct loss and decline in external reputation caused by fraud transaction
  • Provide safe financial transaction service by detecting fraud in real time or non-real time
  • Enhance financial robustness of customers by preventing illegal actions
  • Maintain sound financial order and satisfy regulatory requirements of authorities by protecting well-intentioned customers
System Architecture
Case Study
X Institute Installed system of analyzing abnormal signs in product demand and supply
Government agency Upgraded forensic analyzing system
Government agency Installed comprehensive risk management system