Data Quality

Data quality management refers to continued activities of managing and improving data to satisfy demands of in-house and outside information systems of organizations or units as well as expectation of DB users.

In order to prevent financial loss caused by data errors, support to build competitive business IT infrastructure and to improve quality of data, enterprises need to establish data governance system that includes meta data-based data quality management and management of application impact by enhancing reliability of enterprise data through data quality management.

Diagram of Applying Solutions for providing Data Quality Management Services
Expected effect
  • Deliver consistency and reliability of data
  • Support to make fast and accurate decision-making process
  • Improve productivity at business and IT departments
  • Reduce costs when developing new business in future
  • Secure transparency of data by managing quality of source data
  • Secure objectivity based on data quality and establish basis for integration and linkage
Case Study
National Information Society Agency Third project of diagnosing quality of public DB
National Information Society Agency Second project of diagnosing quality of public DB
Korea Workers’ Compensation & Welfare Service Implementing TRMS
Defense Acquisition Program Administration Established data quality management system
Shinhan Card Implementing Next Generation System
Aju Capital Implementing Next Generation System