Data Migration

Data migration is a process of moving data to designated format (file or database) in new systems (e.g.: next production system and newly configured system) by extracting data, namely data subject to migration, from existing systems. In other words, it is similar to process of moving from an old and narrow house to a new and wide house. A data migration manager deals with entire processes of converting data into final target table based on pre-designed and planned mapping.

According to Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), enterprises need to migrate 25% of produced data annually, and IT managers at companies, especially data managers are obliged to properly approach with more strategic standpoint in availability aspect to satisfy users’ desire, expand services, reduce costs and provide application programs by migrating data as enterprises’ demand for collecting and analyzing more diverse data sources grows.

Problems in data migration

Migration specialists believe that data migration is a job of requiring regular time consumption and significant costs. About 20% of data managers in Korea are unable to settle problems in migrating data, such as data damage, extended down time, compatibility problem, performance of application programs, and data loss, and they carry out data migration, taking account of situation that they cannot remove these risks.

Expected effect

Use of data migration solution of DataStreams can remove problems in data migration while enhancing customer satisfaction by delivering multiple benefits, including performance enhancement, improvement of development productivity, examination of interim results/reattempt, work scheduling function, efficient processing of massive data, cost reduction, and saving time for installing projects.

Leveraging experiences and knowhow accumulated for many years by conducting data migration processes at multiple enterprises, DataStreams carries out low-cost, high-efficiency data migration projects.

Case Study
National Pension Service Installed next production system of legacy system for pension service
LG U+ Converted data of new billing system at LG Telecom (including improvement of performance)
Kookmin Bank Project of installing next production management information system at Kookmin Bank
Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) Project of installing next production information system at IBK
Woori Bank Installed CRM at Woori Bank
Hana Bank Project of installing next production information system at Hana Bank
KOSCOM Project of converting data of KOSCOM PowerBase
Daishin Securities Project of installing next production system at Daishin Securities
National Tax Service Project of simplifying procedure of income tax year-end settlement
Ministry of Health and Welfare Project of improving performance of electronic voucher DW
Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs System of deciding policies for cities and provinces