Data Integration

Data integration is a systematic and continuous process that creates valuable and reusable information, or ‘integrated data’, by collecting extensively scattered in diverse systems in the company.
As a solution that rapidly extracts, processes and loads massive source data in diverse server environments.


TeraStreamTM is used for various purposes, such as ETL, batch, linkage for real-time data processing and data conversion, to rapidly and efficiently process data.

Data Integration in a Big Data Platform
Data Integration in Real Time Environment

DeltaStreamTM is a CDC (change data capture) type of real time data integration solution that automatically captures information on changed data of DBMS and transmits it to target system in a real-time.

Expected effect

Implementation of advanced data integration solution can enhance customer satisfaction by delivering multiple benefits, including performance enhancement, improvement of development productivity, examination of interim results/reattempt, work scheduling function, efficient processing of massive data, cost reduction, and saving time for installing projects.
Particularly, it supports customers to save enormous time and costs while helping them install efficient and reliable system by automatically converting data, such as codes and Korean characters, in existing mainframe environment to be suitable for codes and Korean characters in Unix environment when installing a new system by downsizing conventional mainframe systems to Unix systems.

Case Study
Kookmin Bank 1st and 2nd projects of installing Kookmin Bank’s EDW/integrated DM
Hana Bank Project of installing semi-real time information system
Ministry of Health and Welfare Project of improving performance of electronic voucher DW
Korea National Open University Project of installing information system
National Tax Service Project of simplifying procedure of income tax year-end settlement
Korea Exchange Bank Next production downsizing project