Big Data

Big data refers to next generation technology and architecture that generate business values, such as increased sales, cost reduction and enhanced customer satisfaction, out of diverse large scale data that were impossible to be analyzed by conventional systems. With business areas of consulting, platform installation and service development, big data business explores new values by converging collectable outside information with in-house data.

Methodology of Big Data

Data are analyzed in aspects of resource, technology, manpower and processes, and big data strategies and models are developed.

Big Data Infrastructure

Big data infrastructure is consisted of data collection, storage/processing, analysis and visualization, and analysis and visualization functions are selectively implemented depending on business models and strategies.

Expected Effects

Introduction of big data aims to create values, such as increased sales, cost reduction, enhanced customer satisfaction and prediction of future performance, by getting over limitation of information derived from limited data.

Case Study
Korea Meteorological Administration Established foundation for providing customized big data service on climate and weather in 2014
Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs Established big data common foundation and pilot projects (price forecast)
Seoul Metropolitan Government Established Seoul’s unique platform for providing mid-night bus services through analyzing big data
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Established spatial big data system (big data solution customizing)
Korea Transportation Safety Authority Established data integrated management system and integrated information system (consulting)
National Pension Service Provided consulting service for building big data analysis foundation
Namyangju City Established big data analysis system (consulting)
ROK Air Force HQs Research on ways of applying AFCCS LBS/big data technology
Korea Railroad Corp. Provided consulting service for big data (passenger business system)