2017 ~ 2010
2017 07 Received ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certicication
06 Young sang lee, CEO of Datastreams joined Korean President’s visit to US as economic mission
2016 10 Achieved TeraStream™ 4 v4.4 GS certification
09 15th Anniversary of Datastreams
08 Established local subsidiary CONG TY TNHH DATASTREAMS ASIA at Hanoi, Vietnam
04 Was selected as an ‘Energy Analysis Technology based on Deep Learning’ National Project Participating Institution
03 Was honored Service Innovation Award by the 2nd MoneyToday Korea Industry Awards
2015 10 Participated the world’s biggest big data conference 2015 Strata+Hadoop  World in the United States
06 Installed integrated FIU information analysis system at National Tax Service
2014 11 TeraStream™ v3.2, 2014 Received Award of Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning of New Software Product Awards
06 Listed stocks on KONEX
05 Participated in 2014 International SOFT China
05 CEO Lee Young-sang received Best CEO Award of First Korea Big Data Awards
05 CEO Lee Young-sang was elected as Chairman of Korea PMO Association
2013 10 Upgraded Forensic system at National Tax Service
09 Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs selected TeraStream for Hadoop as big data-based solution for pan-government agencies
08 Coding and decoding technologies of customer information protection data obtained patent
07 CEO Lee Young-sang received Excellent CEO Award of Korea Digital Management Innovation Awards
05 Participated in 2013 International SOFT China
04 Launched DQ alliance product
04 MetaStream Ver2.7 obtained GS certification
2012 11 DeltaStream Ver1.5 obtained GS certification
05 Opened R&D Center in Pangyo Techno Valley
03 Selected as a small and medium business export capability reinforcement program
02 Launched Social Cube, an unstructured data analysis program
2011 12 Established a subsidiary ‘Deokdae Sirin’ in China
11 CEO Lee Young-sang received Prime Minister’s citation on 12th Software Industry Day
06 Designated as an export mentoring company by National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA)
06 Designated as an advanced technology center (ATC) by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
04 TeraStream Ver3.2 obtained GS certification
2010 12 Launched TeraStream Ver3.2
03 CEO Lee Young-sang was elected as Chairman of Korean Software Enterprise Association (KOSEA)
01 Launched MetaStream Ver 2.7

2009 ~ 2005
2009 10 Received orders for next generation information system project from Daegu Bank, Busan Bank and National Assembly Secretariat
09 Selected as a contractor for installing integrated meta data registry (MDR) at Command Communication HQs of Ministry of National Defense
06 Selected as a tool for data processing by Korea Federation of Banks
2008 10 Installed data governance and data quality real time monitoring system at Korea Intellectual Property Office
06 Launched DeltaStream Ver 1.0
03 Changed company’s name to DataStreams
02 TeraStream Ver 2.2 obtained GS certification
02 Launched QualityStream Ver1.0
02 Launched ImpactStream Ver1.0
2007 10 Received an investment of 400 million yen from JAFCO, an affiliate of Nomura, Japan
06 Launched TeraStream Ver2.0
05 Received Excellence Award of Korea Digital Management Innovation Awards (MetaStream) from Small and Medium Business Administration
2006 12 Obtained membership of Inno Biz
12 Selected by Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs as standard tool for system of supporting policy decision by cities and provinces
04 Received Deputy Prime Minister’s prize in industry segment for census conducted in 2005 by Statistics Korea
2005 11 TeraStream Ver1.4 obtained GS certification
04 Acquired and integrated KDB Solution, a meta data management solution provider
04 Launched MetaStream Ver1.0
03 TeraStream module obtained New Technology (NT) certification from Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
03 TeraStream received Excellence Award in Digital Technology Segment of 2005 Korea Digital Management Innovation Awards

2004 ~ 2000
2004 12 Shinhan Bank selected and registered TeraStream as next generation data implementation tool
08 Registered trademark of TeraStream (Registration No.: 0589927)
04 Selected as a technology innovation and developer for small and medium companies (Small and Medium Business Administration)
01 Received exemplary business innovation award for system of providing source materials from Statistics Korea
2003 10 Showcased FACT module of TeraStream at OracleWorld 2003 in San Francisco, U.S
09 Concluded export contract of ‘FACT’, a data extraction solution (U.S.)
08 Korea Exchange Bank selected TeraStream as standard ETL/batch/implementation tool
04 Selected as a technology innovation and developer for small and medium companies in 2004
2002 12 Concluded first contract for TeraStreamVer1.0 (for data implementation at Statistics Korea)
01 Selected as a receiver of Informatization Promotion Fund
05 Launched TeraStreamVer1.1
01 Filed application for trademark of TeraStream
2001 12 Recognized as a venture business by Small and Medium Business Administration
09 Established Innovative Data Solutions (IDS)
08 Registered TeraStream design program
07 Launched TeraStream, a super-speed batch solution, at SEK2002
06 Launched TeraStream beta version
02 Obtained approval for establishing an affiliated research institute of IDS
01 Participated in e-Business Solution Fair@World2001
2000 01 First sort engine was adopted in DW project (GS Retail)