CEO Greetings

Established in 2001, DataStreams is the only total data management company in Korea that leads the local market based on unique solutions developed for 14 years with proprietary technologies in data integration and quality management

Ranking first in share of Korea’s data integration market, DataStreams’ flagship product ‘TeraStream’ is widely installed at a large number of financial companies, public organizations and enterprises in Korea, vying with imported products. The company stands out in a variety of data-related businesses, including data integration, data quality management, data architecture, DW/BI, and SNS unstructured data analysis. In recognition of its technology competitiveness, potentiality and excellence as world-class products, the company was designated in 2011 as one of a few advanced technology centers (ATCs) by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, encouraging it to reinforce R&D capabilities. Leveraging its advanced technologies, it strives to develop new products and businesses.

With a commitment to technology innovation, leadership team and employees of DataStreams will concentrate efforts on evolving as a competitive software company in the global market, without being satisfied with strong presence in the local market.